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A management consultancy firm with extensive experience in the Caribbean. Through our pragmatic and customer-oriented approach, we are able to design and implement projects within a framework of success.

From our locations in Suriname, Guyana and the Netherlands, we offer research, business, project management, marketing and capacity development solutions.

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Your trusted partner in all facets of Human Resource solutions from Temporary Staffing, Permanent Placements to managing solution driven engagements.

We provide our clients with a plethora of services which include various types of contracts, recruitment services, surveys on markets and salary compensations, client payroll services, career and employment management services, sea catering services and visa immigration services.

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We provide unique supply chain solutions by ocean, air, or road, ensuring a high level of service. We assist instream lining the clearing procedure and carry out our duties diligently while keeping to local and international customs legislation.

Our main purpose is to connect Suriname to the rest of the world through advanced automated and technological customs brokerage solutions.

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