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The HUMUS Group1

HUMUS is the brand name under which our various companies in diverse industries pursue an unambiguous goal: achieving sustainable growth for our customers, employees and the communities in which we live and work

The creed “WE BUILD DREAMS FROM THE GROUND UP” is embedded in the company DNA throughout the organization. The complete dedication of our employees who have integrity as their most important core value ensures that our professionals are fully committed to delivering measurable results.


A general management consultancy firm with extensive experience in the Caribbean. Through our pragmatic and customer-oriented approach to projects, the design and implementation is set within a framework of success.


We provide professional, vocational and personal training services, with a consistent focus on worldwide validity while also keeping in mind the needs of the regional markets.


For all your real estate needs, such as buying / selling, renting and having your objects valued, please contact our expert and experienced team.


Trust – an essential concept in the insurance industry is also one of the core values of HUMUS Insurance. Your interest is our guiding principle in mediation.

We build dreams from the ground up

“For us, honesty and integrity are always at the top. We at HUMUS do not believe in quick fixes and quick profits, but in long-term win-win relationships. If we do not think we can book the results you want, we will not accept you as a customer. We build dreams from the ground up.”

Demis Johnn

We build dreams from the ground up | HUMUS Group