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HUMUS consulting is a general management consultancy firm with extensive experience in the Caribbean. From our locations in Suriname, Guyana and Trinidad we assist our clients in the areas of strategy, project management, internationalization processes, process management, environment, strategic human capital, technology, research, social entrepreneurship, branding, communication and finance.

We achieve success through our pragmatic and customer-oriented approach to projects, where the design and implementation are done within a framework of success. The realization that the success of our customers helps direct growth for both HUMUS consulting and the community is at the basis of our customer dedication.

Growth is a natural process and is embedded in everyone's DNA. As a person, as a company or as a community, you often do not recognize the growth that you go through in "difficult times". However; a seed will grow in humus (fertile soil), crisis or not.

Demis Johnn
Managing Consultant, HUMUS Consulting


International Management

In the Caribbean, with its various cultures, political systems and languages, international business brings the necessary challenges. The advantage at Humus Consulting is that we have local consultants in Suriname, Guyana, Barbados and Trinidad who speak your language.

HUMUS Consulting supports its clients in writing an international business plan. In this process, we first map out the institutional environment and the specific sectors of industry and advise the customer after a business scan on the entry strategy to be followed. This process also includes a market orientation with one of our consultants. Because of our large network in Suriname, Guyana, Trinidad, Barbados and other Caribbean countries we are able to put you in direct contact with potential partners and customers.

We also support you in implementing your international strategy; export, international team management, international project management and communication.


Project Management

We offer Project Management Training interventions and Consulting Services that enhance the skills of project managers and project teams and ultimately improve the overall performance of the project portfolio.

Our Project Management Services :

  • Customized Project Management Training
  • PMP Certification Training
  • PMO Design and Deployment
  • Project Management Methodology Implementation
  • Project Recovery Services
  • Project and Program Management Audits
  • PM Coaching and Mentoring
  • Outsourcing Project Management Services
  • Project Team Development


ICT services

Seamlessly provide access to distinctive vortals rather than multidisciplinary quality vectors.

Our services include:

  • Architecture and Design
    • Business
    • Information
    • Solution
    • Network Infrastructure
    • Server infrastructure
    • Information Security
  • Business process analysis and management
  • Business and ICT strategy alignment
  • Customised application development
  • Web Design and content management systems
  • Data Center Services


Humus Capital Development

HR Transformation
Every HR department knows the necessary areas of tension. To contribute to the strategic goals of your organization, but also help managers with difficult issues concerning employees. Humus Consulting helps you through an HR vision development process. By determining what is really important for your organization. Furthermore, together with you, we will investigate possible improvement options within HR in the area of organization, job and task allocation, processes, competencies and coordination.

Performance management
One of the most complex and challenging HR topics is to let employees perform optimally. Research shows that motivation is the basis for performance. Motivating employees is, therefore, one of the most important conditions in performance management.
Humus Consulting offers practical solutions based on the latest HR insights. In this way, we help you with the vision on performance management and its translation to suitable instruments.

Competency management
In competency management, it is about recognising, using and developing the competencies of your employees. Competency management is the foundation for a coherent set-up and application of HR instruments. Competencies return within an organization in instruments such as:

  • Recruitment
  • Performance management
  • Assessments
  • Remuneration policy
  • Humus Consulting supports organizations in drawing up competency profiles. We often organize workshops with a delegation from managers, employees and Works Council.

For every organization, it is the challenge to attract and retain people who can make a difference now and in the future. Assessments can facilitate the decision-making process in selection and development issues. Assessments help to reduce uncertainty about the future functioning of employees.

Humus Consulting works for clients who want to invest in their human capital and employees who make the difference. For our clients, we are a sparring partner and a coach for our assessment participants.


Marketing services

HUMUS consulting offers a wide range of Marketing services, from strategic advice & planning to create concepts and determining the means of communication. As we are involved in the entire marketing process – from strategy to concept to development – the big advantage is that one single party can coordinate all marketing needs, ensuring the complete strategic alignment of all variables involved. We develop the entire concept, the appearance and we take care of the branding in detail. This formula makes it possible to link fast so that your needs can be met in a timely manner.

Our services:

  • Strategic advice regarding the service and/or product offering
  • Strategic advice regarding brand development & positioning
  • Development of Marketing Plans and Communication strategies, both online and offline
  • Design of brand identity such as logo, overall design look & feel etc.
  • Production of all communication concepts such as print work, online media, photography, corporate films, website

Our management team

Demis  Johnn MBA

Demis Johnn MBA

Managing partner
 Dr. Joseph  Khan

Dr. Joseph Khan

Senior Partner

Our team consists of 3 senior partners, 5 senior consultants and various junior consultants. The partners are responsible for the management of HUMUS consulting and also function as lead consultants. Demis is the founder and managing partner. He specializes in projects relating to sustainability and business management. Joseph is responsible for our office in Trinidad and is primarily involved in project management, business management and capacity development within HUMUS. Soulamy is a sociologist and senior researcher and responsible for our research department and primarily involved in development projects.

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