About us

About HUMUS Group

HUMUS Group is a holding company with four subsidiaries; Real estate, Capacity Development, Consulting and Insurance. The synergy achieved by the joint operation enables us to offer total solutions for our customers.

The various specialists of the subsidiaries are under strict supervision of our account- and project managers in order achieve the best customer results.

By choosing HUMUS group you are joining a network of professionals and a multitude of integrated services.

For instance, our team helps you with general management support in the growth and/or relocation of your company and we integrate the insurance and real estate needs that go with it.

Deals closed
Deals closed

Our mission

Through customer dedication, trust and personal responsibility we develop strategies that help people, businesses and communities realize their full potential.

We are on your team.

Our vision

Our vision is to be a formidable regional partner through providing total solutions thus creating fertile ground for sustained business growth.

Meet the team

Demis Johnn MBA

Demis Johnn MBA

Managing Partner

Lead Consultant Strategic- and International Management/ Entrepreneurship

Dr. Joseph  Kahn

Dr. Joseph Kahn

Senior Partner

Lead Consultant Project- and General Management

Virgil  Seedorf

Virgil Seedorf

Lead Consultant

Lead Consultant Finance & Regional Trade/ VP Capacity Development

Chantal  Kartaram

Chantal Kartaram

Lead Consultant

Lead Consultant Marketing

Neville  Power

Neville Power

Lead Consultant

Lead Consultant Human Capital Development

Eudya  Vos

Eudya Vos

Lead Consultant

Lead Consultant Leadership and Coaching

Darrel  Pinas

Darrel Pinas

Lead Consultant

Lead Consultant Legal

Nathalie  Klaverweide

Nathalie Klaverweide


Consultant Hospitality Management

Carol  Rozenblad – Frankel

Carol Rozenblad – Frankel

Co-Founder Humus Real Estate

Co-Founder Humus Real Estate

Jurgen  Caffé

Jurgen Caffé

Junior consultant

Junior consultant – Environmental management/ HSEQ

Kimberley  Daniel

Kimberley Daniel

Administrative Liaison

Administrative Liaison

Semanthe  Gits

Semanthe Gits

Board member

Board member

Caroline Pengel

Caroline Pengel

Operations Associate Humus Real Estate

Operations Associate Humus Real Estate

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