Strategic Recruitment Suriname & International Shipping Suriname at SEOGS 2023

As we gear up for the Suriname Energy Oil and Gas Summit (SEOGS) in Suriname this June, Strategic Recruitment Suriname and International Shipping Suriname – both part of the Humus Group – are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to participate in one of the premier events in the oil and gas sector. 

One of the key themes of the summit is the exploration and development of Suriname’s offshore oil and gas reserves, which are estimated to be among the largest in the world. The summit will showcase the latest technologies, best practices, and strategies for exploring and extracting these valuable resources in a safe, efficient, and sustainable manner.

A major four-day executive summit, coupled with 2 days of technical & commercial conference steams and a 2-day workshops & roundtables program, followed by a youth empowerment festival adds a multitude of content to complement Suriname’s largest trade exhibition and enables hundreds of delegates and thousands of visitors to engage in effective and meaningful dialogue and business together. 

Of course, one of the most valuable aspects of SEOGS will be the opportunity to network with a wide range of industry professionals, including representatives from major oil and gas companies, service providers, and regulatory bodies. These conversations will enable us to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the sector and identify potential areas for collaboration and partnership.

As a participant in SEOGS 2023, our team is excited about the potential for this event to drive positive change in the energy industry in Suriname and beyond. We believe that initiatives like this are critical for advancing the sector, promoting sustainability and efficiency, and unlocking new opportunities for growth and innovation.

We look forward to sharing our insights on connecting talents to employers through our extensive and innovative recruitment and HR services and help you deliver success by connecting Suriname to the rest of the world through specialized freight forwarding and intermodal transportation.

Find us at Exhibition Hall 2, booth G12 and come talk to our team on how we can work together to build a brighter future for Suriname.

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